Iteration manager role

I’ve recently read an essay about Iteration Manager role by ThoughtWorks. I was so excited before going through it. After all, it has appeared I’m already aware of IM’s duties. Generally, the Iteration Manager role is close to the one role from Scrum – Scrum Master. In short, the IM should focus in the following areas:
  1. The Team – track iteration’s progress (day-to-day work), report impediments, make sure iteration’s commitment will be fulfilled, point bottlenecks in the delivery process.
  2. The Customer – act as gatekeeper, protect team from distractions, keep customer from changing requirements.
  3. The Iteration – plan team’s budget (ideal hours), help customer with prioritization, motivate team, owns iteration planning and retrospective.
  4. The Project – form group of people working together towards common goal (they success or fail together); IM needs to aim for productive and happy team members and satisfied customer.
The main responsibility of Iteration Manager is “building well-oiled delivery machine, continually feeding it story cards, and tuning the machine”.

Some activities that can help you to organize your iteration (Sprint in the Scrum) are:
  1. Day-to-day communication with the team,
  2. Informing customer about progress and potential risk.
  3. Avoiding noise and reacting on it if necessary.
  4. Making sure that team has defined goal for iteration and all team member are concerned in the iteration’s tasks.

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